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Statistics & Probability
Conditional Probability
nPr - Permutations
Permutations (nPr) for Multiple Subsets
Permutations (nPr) for Multiple Subsets
nCr - Combinations
Sample Size by Standard Deviation
Sample Size by Proportion
Sample Size (using proportion) Formula
Population Variance Estimation
Population Variance
Standard Deviation
Population Standard Deviation
Z-Test for x̄ Significance
Z-Test for Significance of (x̄1 - x̄2) with (σ1 ≠ σ2)
Z-Test for Significance of (x̄1 - x̄2) with (σ1 = σ2)
Z-Test for Proportion Significance
Z-Test for Significance of (p1 - p2) with P1 & P2
Z-Test for Significance (p1 - p2) with unknown P1 & P2
Students t-Test for Mean Significance
Students t-Test for (x̄1 - x̄2) Significance
F-Test between Sample Variances
CHI-squared Test
Standard or Z-Score
Standard Error (SE) of Sample Mean
SE of Difference between Two Sample Means
Standard Error (SE) formula for difference between two sample means
SE of Observed Sample Proportion
Standard Error (SE) formula for observed sample proportion
SE of difference between 2 sample proportions
Standard Error (SE) formula for difference between two sample proportions
Confidence Interval for Mean - Infinite Population
Confidence Interval for Mean - Finite Population
Confidence Interval (CI) formula for Mean - Finite Population
CI for Proportion - Infinite Population
Confidence Interval formula for Proportion - Infinite Population
CI for Proportion - Finite Population
Confidence Interval formula for Proportion - Finite Population
Margin of Error
Covariance of X & Y
Correlation Coefficient
Linear Regression
Coefficient of Variation
Normal Probability Distribution
Poisson Probability Distribution
Binomial Probability Distribution
Skewness & Kurtosis - Binomial Distribution
Binomial Distribution Formula for Skewness and Kurtosis
Negative Binomial Probability Distribution
PDF of Exponential Distribution
PDF of Uniform Distribution
PDF of Triangular Distribution
PDF of Gamma Distribution
PDF of Weibull Distribution
nth Percentile Rank
Percentile Score
Percentile Score

Statistics & Probability Functions Basic Formulas

The complete list of statistics & probability functions basic formulas cheat sheet to know how to manually solve the calculations. Users may download the statistics & probability formulas in PDF format to use them offline to collect, analyze, interpret, present & organize numerical data in large quantities to design diverse statistical surveys & experiments. These basic formulas of statistics & probability functions help users, learners, teachers, professionals or researchers to analyze, model, design & test various statistical surveys & experiments. These formulas reference include the basic functions of mean, mode, median, sample size, variance, standard deviation, standard error, z-score, margin of error, confidence interval, covariance, correlation coefficient, probability, regression, permutations, combinations, normal distribution, binomial distribution, poisson distribution, exponential distribution, uniform distribution, triangular distribution, gamma distribution, weibull distribution, normal distribution, F-distribution, t-distribution, chi-squared distribution, Z-test, t-test, F-test, χ²-test, z-statistics, t-statistics, F-statistics, χ²-statistics, χ²-statistics, critical or p value for Z, F, t & χ² tests, hypothesis testing & two way ANOVA to design & test diverse statistical surveys & experiments. Statistics & probability functions are used in math, science, engineering, finance, health, digital networks, data processing, social concerns, etc to research & analyze the data to draw conclusions or for various purposes.
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