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    Mortgage, Loan, Investment & Tax Planning Calculators's Financial Planning Calculators, formulas & examples is a collection of finance resources to study or execute basic to complex financial calculations online to analyze the time value of money to plan for budget, mortgage, car loan, student loan, investments, insurance, retirement, expense or debts efficiently. It’s a complete financial calculators solution with distinct features to help students, teachers, parents or professionals to learn, teach, know or practice such calculations. These online tools include the calculations of simple interest, compound interest, mortgage, car loan, EMI, certificate of deposit, term deposit, APR, AER, present value (PV), future value (FV), NPV, loan eligibility, loan payoff, loan refinance, annuity, perpetuity, present value of annuity (PVA), future value of annuity (FVA), fixed deposit, recurring deposit, growth rate, tax & inflation to plan for investment & loan requirements.
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