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    Online Calculators, Formulas and Work with Steps is a simple, intuitive and robust online calculators and converters application to perform basic to more complex math, scientific, algebra, expressions, statistics, probability, finance, share market, geometry, health, fitness, general purpose, physics, chemistry, digital numbers arithmetic, and engineering calculations and measurement units conversions efficiently. It's an universal calculators and converters solution with distinct features which help students, teachers, parents or professionals to learn, teach, know, practice or verify math, science and engineering calculations efficiently. To assist students to solve the worksheet or homework problems, provides complete work with step by step calculation to any corresponding input values for most of the calculations. In addition, the collection of formulas help users to refer what are all the basic formulas used in various branches of mathematics, science and engineering.

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    Formulas and Usages

    The brief information along with the formula for almost every calculators in the finance, stocks, statistics, health, algebra, geometry, physics, chemistry, electrical and mechanical category help users to know the mathematical representation of a particular calculation and what are all the input parameters are being used in the respective calculations. Users can either instantly access to a particular formula from the respective calculator or access to the complete formulas from the respective category to know the calculations. All the formulas are available in both PNG and PDF file format for users to download and refer them offline.


    Example Calculations

    The example calculations associated with most of the calculators of help learners to know the basic usages, formulas and elements of the calculations. Such solved example with step by step calculations may helpful for grade school students, learners or beginners to learn what formula or formulas and input parameters are being used in the respective calculations.

    Basic Math Examples

    Interesting Keyboard Shortcuts's online calculators and converters also supports the smart shortcut functions to make your navigation around the website more interesting. Use the following keyboard shortcuts for quick navigation around this website.

    •  g + h  to go to home page from any interal pages.
    •  g + c  to clear the focussed input field.
    •  g + a  to clear all the form fields.
    •  g + /  to enable cursor into the search field.
    •  g + b  to go one step back in browser history.


    The features of this application along with its improved user experience make it stands more distinct from the crowd of other conventional calculator and converter solutions available across the web. Users may Experience the Computations New with all these below features bundled with this application.

    • calculation HISTORY to refer later or assist subsequent calculations.
    • INFO to know the calculations instantly.
    • improvised search to instantly locate any calculator or formula.
    • multiple calculations with comparatively less time.
    • reduced multiple browser tabs for multiple calculations.
    • instant access to basic formulas.
    • multiple and attractive color themes.
    • intuitive user interface.
    • optimized for multiple screen sizes including mobile phones and tablets.
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