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    Mechanical Engineering
    Engineering Stress
    Engineering Strain
    Shear Stress
    Shear Strain
    Shear Strain Formula
    Elastic or Young's Modulus
    Shear Modulus
    Bolt Stress (σ) Area
    Fracture Toughness
    Thermal Property - Deformation
    Horsepower (hp)
    Belt Length
    Belt Velocity
    Mechanical Spring
    Brake Clamp Load
    Pump Power Equation
    Kinetic Energy
    Hydraulic Power
    Geometric Flow Rate
    Fluid Velocity in Pipe
    Reynolds Number
    Darcy's Law
    Flow Head Loss
    Open Channel Water Flow
    Orifice Discharge

    Mechanical Engineering Basic Formulas

    The complete list of mechanical engineering basic formulas cheat sheet for PDF download to help users to use them offline to learn or workout how to execute or solve the various calculations of material characteristics (stress, strain, elasticity & toughness), power transmission (gears & belts), mechanical power (torque, horsepower & speed), IC engines, thermal, fluid, force, velocity, acceleration & much more. Calculators