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2 Variables K-Map Solver's 2 variables K-map solver & work with steps to find the Sum of Products (SOP) or to minimize the given logical (Boolean) expressions based on the laws & theorems of AND, OR & NOT gates in digital electronics. This web based Karnaugh's map calculator tool is featured to generate the complete work with steps for any corresponding input values of variables A & B.

What is 2 Variables Karnaugh's Map?

2 Variables Karnaugh's Map often known as 2 variable K-Map. It's a special method used in the context of digital electronics to minimize the AND, OR & NOT gates logical expressions. The variables A & B used to address the cells of KMAP table. A is the most significant bit (MSB) and B is the least significant bit (LSB) in the logical expressions of KMAP solver. Each A & B equals to value 1. Similarly, each A & B equals to 0. Any combinations of A, B, A & B represents the place values of K-Map table.

For example, the combinations of AB, AB, AB & AB represents the place values of binary 00, 01, 10 & 11 respectively. The numeric or decimal equivalent for the combinations of AB, AB, AB & AB equals to 0, 1, 2 & 3 respectively. Users can use this 2 variables K-Map solver to find SOP for or minimize any Boolean expressions formed by using these two variables A & B.

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