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    Standard Error

    Population SD (σ) :

    Population Dateset  
    Population SD (σ) :

    Sample size (n1) :

    Population Dateset 1 

    Sample size (n1) :

    Standard Error :

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    Standard Error of Mean {SE of x̄} for n = 1000 & σ = 6

    Calculation summary & work with steps for n = 1000 & σ = 6 to estimate the standard error of sample mean. The below is the calculation summary for SE of x̄ for sample size n = 1000 using population standard deviation σ = 6.

    Calculation Summary
    Population standard deviation (σ) 6
    Sample size (n)1000
    Standard Error of mean (x̄)0.1897

    SE of x̄ Work with Steps for n = 1000 & σ = 6

    The below is the work with step by step calculation shows how to estimate the standard deviation of sampling distribution of mean for sample size n = 1000 and population standard deviation σ = 6 to help grade school students to solve the similar SE of x̄ worksheet problems efficiently.

    Workout :
    step 1 Address the formula, input parameters and values
    Input parameters
    Population standard deviation σ= 6
    Sampe size n= 1000
    SE = σn

    step 2 Apply the values in SE of mean formula
    = 61000
    = 6/31.6228
    SE = 0.1897

    0.1897 is the standard error of sample mean. Calculators