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    Cube of Fraction Calculator's (X/Y)³ - Cube of Fraction calculator, formula & step by step calculation to find what is cubed value of given positive or negative fraction. By using this calculator, user may

    • find what is the cubed value of any fraction?
    • find the cube of any positive or negative integers?
    • learn how to find the cube of fraction numbers?
    • learn how to find the cube of positive or negative integers?

    How to Find the Cube of Fraction?

    The below solved example with step by step calculation may help users to learn how to find what is the cube of fraction expressed by both numerator and denominator.
    Example Problem
    Find what is the cube of fraction 1/4?

    Step by step Calculation
    step 1 Address the formula, input parameters & values
    (X/Y)3 = X/Y * X/Y * X/Y
    Input parameters & values
    Numerator X = 1
    Denominator Y = 4
    (1/4)3 = ?

    step 2
    Multiply 1/4 by the fraction itself
    = 1/4 * 1/4 * 1/4
    = 1/64
    (X/Y)2 = 1/64

    1/64 is the cube value of 1/4.

    Definition & Formula

    Cube of Fraction is one of the basic mathematic functions used to find the cubed value of either positive or negative fraction number expressed by both non-zero numerator and denominator, by multiplying the fraction itself thrice. For negative fraction number, the cubed value is always negative. For example, the fraction A/B is multiplied itself by three times is the cube of fraction.

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