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    9/20 as a Decimal

    Fraction to Decimal Calculator

    9/20 as a decimal expansion provides the detailed information about what is 9/20 in decimal form, and the answer with steps help students to easily understand how it is being calculated.

    9/20 as a Decimal Expansion
    9/20 = 0.45
    9/20 as a decimal equals to 0.45
    9/20 is a given fraction,
    The decimal expansion of 9/20 is 0.45

    9/20 as a Mixed Number
    The given fraction 9/20 can't be represented as a mixed number since the numerator 9 of the given fraction is smaller than the denominator 20.

    For values other than 9/20, use this below tool:

    How-to: 9/20 as a Decimal

    The below work with steps provide the detailed information about how to convert fraction 9/20 as a decimal equivalent.
    step 1 Address the input parameters and observe what to be found:
    Input values:
    The fraction = 9/20

    What to be found:
    Find the decimal expansion of fraction 9/20.

    step 2 Multiply both numerator and denominator by 5 to make the denominator as powers of 10:
    = 9/20 x 5/5
    = 45/100

    step 3 The numerator 45 of fraction 45/100 can also be expressed as 45.00. Being 100 as the denominator, move the decimal point 2 decimal places from right to left in the numerator to write the fraction as decimal number.
    = 45/100
    = 0.45

    9/20 as a decimal is 0.45 Calculators