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    Average of Two Numbers Calculator's average of two numbers calculator to find what is the mean or average value of two positive numbers. The sum of given two numbers divided by 2 is the average of 2 numbers. The corresponding formulas, example and workout students, teachers, parents or professionals to learn, teach or execute the average calculation between 2 numbers.

    How to calculate an average of two numbers?

    The below solved example with step by step calculation shows user to know how to find what is the average of 2 numbers.
    Example: Find an average of numbers 70 and 90?
    step 1 : Address the formula and input values.
    Input values:
    The given numbers
    70 and 90

    step 2 : Find the sum of the given numbers.
    sum = 70 + 90
    = 160

    step 3 : Divide the sum by 2 to get the average.
    average = 160/2
    = 80

    80 is an average of positive integers 70 and 90.

    Definition and Formulas

    Average is one of a basic mathematical functions, generally a decimal number which represents the central or mean value of group of data obtained by dividing sum of data point values by total number of data points in a data set.

    formula to find average of numbers, marks, speed, weight, rate of change etc.
    Formula to calculate an average of natural, odd, even, composite, prime and fractional numbers Calculators