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    87 and 176 Average

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    87 and 176 average provides the comprehensive information about what is the average of 87 and 176, and how it is being calculated mathematically. To calculate the average, the given quantities 87 and 176 can be of any physical quantity but both should have been expressed in the same measurement units.

    87 and 176 average:
    = (87 + 176)/2,
    = 263/2,
    = 131.5

    the average of 87 and 176 is equal to 131.5

    87 and 176 physical quantities in same measurement units,
    263 is the sum of quantities,
    2 is the total number of quantities,
    131.5 is the average of 87 and 176

    For values other than 87 and 176, use this below tool:

    How-to: Average of 87 and 176

    The step-by-step work shows how to find what is the average of 87 and 176. The solution for 87 and 176 average is same for all the following queries but have to append the measurement units based on the measurement units of physical quantities being measured.

    Unitless Measurement:
    what is the average of 87 and 176?

    Average Speed:
    What is the average speed of a bus which covered the distance from point A to B at the speed of 87 mph (miles per hour) and B to C at the speed of 176 mph (miles per hour)?

    Average Volume:
    The volume of cylinder A is 87 gallons and cylinder B is 176 gallons, what is the average volume of cylinders?

    Average Capacity:
    A Lincoln theater has the volume of 87 seats and Brooklyn theater has the volume of 176 seats, what is the average capacity of the theaters?

    Average Score or Marks:
    John has scored 176 marks in mathematics and 87 marks in science in the examinations conducted. What is an average of marks John scored?

    Solved Example:
    what is the average of 87 and 176?

    step 1 Address the input parameters and observe what to be found:
    Input values:
    Quantity A = 87
    Quantity B = 176

    What to be found:
    Find the average of 87 and 176

    step 2 Find the sum of quantities 87 and 176.
    87 + 176 = 263

    step 3 Find how many number of inputs:
    The calculation involves two quantities 87 and 176, so the number of quantities is 2.

    step 4 To find the average of 87 and 176, divide the sum of quantities 263 by the total number of quantities 2:
    = 263/2
    = 131.5
    (87 + 176)/2 = 131.5

    131.5 is the average of 87 and 176. Calculators