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Blood Sugar Level (Diabetes) Calculator's Blood Sugar (Diabetes) Level Calculator is an online health & fitness tool to estimate if the glucose level in the blood is low, normal, pre-diabetes or diabetes from the supplied A1C or eAG (mmol/L or mg/dL) values, to plan for diet, fitness & healthy living.

Definition & Classification

Blood sugar level is the amount of glucose present in the human blood. Hyperglycemia, condition with persistent increased blood sugar levels. Diabetes is the result of long term hyperglycemia. Hypoglycemia, condition with persistent decreased blood sugar levels with symptoms such as sweating, loss of consciousness, lethargy etc. The below chart is the range and classification for the non-pregnant humans.

Blood Sugar Level & Classification
Classification Fasting 2 hours after Meal
LOW below 70 mg/dL
below 3.89 mmol/L
below 70 mg/dL
below 3.89 mmol/L
NORMAL 70 - 110 mg/dL
3.89 - 6.11 mmol/L
70 - 140 mg/dL
3.89 - 7.7 mmol/L
PRE-DIABETES 111 - 125 mg/dL
6.12 - 6.94 mmol/L
141 - 160 mg/dL
7.8 - 8.88 mmol/L
DIABETES above 125 mg/dL
above 6.95 mmol/L
above 160 mg/dL
above 8.89 mmol/L
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