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Ideal Body Fat Calculator's Body Fat Calculator is an online health & fitness tool to estimate ideal body fat based on gender, height, neck & abdomen measurements to plan for diet, fitness & a healthy living.

Definition & Classification

Body Fat could be essential body fat and stored body fat. Essential body fat is required for the normal functioning of the body, however the stored body fat in minimal is beneficial. Excessive storage fat is hazardous to your health. With neck, abdomen circumference along with height, body fat percentage can be determined based on the gender.

Body Fat Level & Classification
Classification Men Women
Essential 2% to 5% 10% to 13%
Athletes 6% to 13% 14% to 20%
Fitness 14% to 17% 21% to 24%
Average 18% to 24% 25% to 31%
Overweight 25% to 29% 32% to 39%
Obese 30% or more 40% or more
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