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    Ideal, Overwight or Obese Calculator's Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator is an online health & fitness tool to estimate if the person is weighing either normal or overweight or obese or extreme obese or underweight. BMI is a most preferred way of finding ideal weight to plan for diet, fitness & healthy living.

    Definition & Formula

    Body Mass Index as well known as BMI, is the measure of body fat derived from Individual’s height and weight. BMI is the ratio of the body mass in pounds or kilograms to the square of body height in inches or meters respectively. BMI value helps to identify if the person is obese or normal weight or underweight. Person with BMI value more than 30, is considered obese.

    BMI Table
    BMI Range Weight Level
    below 19 Underweight
    19 to 24.9 Normal
    25 to 29.9 Overweight
    30 to 39.5 Obese
    above 39.5 Extreme Obese
    Body Mass Index (BMI) formula
    Formula to calculate ideal weight, overweight, obese or underweight Calculators