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    Sphere Volume & Surface Area Calculator's Sphere Formulas & Calculator is an online basic geometry tool to calculate volume & surface area of a sphere shape, in both US customary & metric (SI) units.

    Steps to Find Volume and Surface Area of a Sphere

    The step by step workout for how to find what is the volume and surface area of a sphere.Workout :
    step 1 Address the formula, input parmaeters & values
    Radius = 5 in

    step 2 Apply radius values in Volume formula
    Volume V = 4πr³/3
    = 4 x 3.1416 x (5)³/3in³
    = 4 x 3.1416 x 125/3in³
    = 1571/3in³
    Volume V = 523.5988 in³

    step 3 Find Surface area using below surface area formula
    Surface Area = 4πr²
    = 4 x 3.1416 x (5)² in²
    = 4 x 3.1416 x 25 in²
    Surface Area = 314.1593 in²

    Definition & Formulas

    Sphere is a three dimensional plane or geometric shape represents either a solid or hallow round object with every point on its surface in equal distance from its center.

    sphere formulas to calculate volume & surface area
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