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PIXEL, POINT and EM Converter's Pixel-Point-Em Converter is an online digital computation tool to perform the conversion between pixel (px), point (pt) & em for digital imaging to design, display & print the fonts, images & objects on the screen.

PIXEL, POINT and EM Conversion for Design

PIXEL, POINT & EM are the measurement units popularly used in digital imaging system. In designing, the unit PIXEL (popularly known as px) is a fixed size & smallest display element of the array of addressable display elements on the screen. The size of pixel may vary based on the different screen sizes. One pixel is equals to 1 dot on the computer or disply screen.

POINT (popularly known as pt) is a fixed size units represents the relative measure of size of the font in typography, generally used in the print media. In CSS, 1 pt is equals to 1/72 inch or 0.3528 mm.

Similarly, EM is scalable unit used in the web document media represents the relative size of the font in an typography object used to measure the display size in the digital imaging system. In CSS, 0.5 em equals to the half of the original size of the font in the object or document.

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