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    Binary to Gray Code Converter's Binary to Gray Code Calculator is an online digital computation tool to convert the binary or decimal number to its equivalent gray code.

    Gray Coded Binary or Decimal Number

    Gray Code is a logical representation of binary bits. For example, the decimal value of binary coded decimal 101 and gray coded decimal 101 is different. Gray code is one of the different ways to encode the binary information to process the data in digital computing. It's used for error correction in digital communication, labelling axes for Karnaugh's map, counters in digital electronics, computer algorithms & mathematical puzzles.

    How to convert binary to grey coded binary?

    The grey coded binary can be made done by using the following method of EX-OR gate operation. To find the grey coded binary, write down the most significant digit (MSD) of the binary number and perform the addition by adding the MSD to the remaining bits of the given binary number.

    EX-OR Gate Truth Table

    ABA ⊕ B

    Example :
    Find the grey coded binary for 10112
    • 1. The first digit is same as in the given binary.
    • 2. Perform the EX-OR addition by adding the MSD to the remaining bits of the given binary number.
    The grey coded binary for 101012 is 1110

    Use this binary to grey code converter to perform the quick conversions for from binary or decimal numbers to gray coded binary numbers. Calculators