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    Gibb's Free Energy
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    Gibb's Free Energy :

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    Free Energy of Chemical Reaction Calculator's Gibb's Free Energy (G) Calculator is an online chemical engineering tool to estimate the available energy of the chemical reaction, in both US customary & metric (SI) units.

    Definition & Formula

    Gibb's Free Energy, often denoted by the alphabet G, also known as free enthalpy, gibbs function or gibbs energy, is a thermodynamic function represents the difference between enthalpy (H) and the the product of the temperature (Kelvin) and the entropy (S) of the system. The change of free energy ΔG measures the direction of chemical reaction under constant temperature or pressure, represents the difference between the change in enthalpy ΔH and the product of the temperature (Kelvin) and the change in the entropy ΔS of the system

    Gibb's free energy formula
    Formula to estimate available energy of chemical reaction
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