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    What is an ideal weight for 5 feet 7 inch height male?'s Ideal Weight Calculator - what is the ideal weight of 5 feet 7 inch height male?
    145.73 lb or 66.1 kg is an ideal weight for 5' 7" height male. The men of 5 feet 7 inch height with weight of around 145.73 pounds or 66.1 kilograms considered to be healthy.

     HeightIdeal Weight
    Genderfeet & incmkglb
    Male5' 7"170.15 cm66.1145.73
    Female5' 7"170.15 cm61.6135.8


    As the name suggests, ideal weight is an expected weight of an healthy individual depending on the main factors such as gender & height, however, sometimes the other factors of age, weight and activity level also taken into consideration. Major deviation in Ideal Weight value increases health related risks for an individual. Use this calculator to find the ideal weight in kgs or lbs for both men & women. Calculators