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    Age, Birthday & Zodiac Sign Calculator's Age, Birthday & Horoscope Sign Calculator is an online general purpose tool to calculate an exact age, horoscope (zodiac, sun or birth) sign & the calendar date & day of your next birthday, based on your birthdate. Users may get the answers for the following queries by using this age calculator
    how old am I exactly?
    what is my horoscope or birth sign?
    does my next birthday fall on weekdays or weekend?
    what are the horoscope signs of Donald Trump & Kim Jong-un?
    what is the birth sign of Justin Trudeau?
    what is the birth sign of Lionel Messi?
    does my zodiac sign matches with Justin Bieber?

    Users also can compare the horoscope or age, birth signs, birthdates & next birtday between two celebrities by using this age, birthday & zodiac sign comparison caculator.

    How Old Are You Exactly?

    Want to know how old are you exactly? Want to know how many months & days left for your birthday? Want to know what's the calendar date & day of your next birthday? Want to know your zodiac or sun sign? Just supply your birthdate in MM/DD/YYYY format or choose from the calendar to know the answers for all these questions by using this age calculator.

    Celebrity Age & Zodiac Signs

    Sometimes, people very much interested to know the age, birthday & horoscope signs of celebrity, politicians, scientists etc. By using this age calculator, users also know the age, day of next birthday & horoscope sign for the desired celebrity. To know such details, click on the desired celebrity name given below or provide the birthdate of celebrity and hit on the "CALCULATE" button.
    CelebritiesDate of Birth
    Jeff Bezos
    Bill Gates
    Steve Jobs
    David Beckham
    Lionel Messi
    Cristiano Ronaldo
    Justin Trudeau
    Donald Trump
    Barack Obama
    Angelina Jolie
    Julia Roberts
    Kim Kardashian
    Tom Hanks
    Dwayne Johnson
    Ellen Degeneres
    Steven Spielberg
    James Cameron
    Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Jim Carrey
    Will Smith
    Russel Crowe
    Kate Winslet
    Pierce Brosnan
    Bruce Wills
    Megan Fox
    Adam Sandler
    Sachin Tendulkar
    Shah Rukh Khan
    Amitabh Bachchan
    Aamir Khan
    Nick Jonas
    Virat Kohli Calculators